MOTOLOADER – Motorcycle loading systems


  • The MOTOLOADER - easy, safe and fast loading of motorcycles

Welcome to MOTOLOADER !

The MOTOLOADER is an electrically driven loading system for motorcycles. With the MOTOLOADER, a motorcycle can be loaded into a vehicle by one person alone and without any effort and then transported – simply “piggybacked”.

The MOTOLOADER is quickly and easily attached to your vehicle. Load your motorcycle within a few minutes alone and without exertion.

Carry your motorcycle with everything you need at your destination. Comfortable, weather-independent and fast. Neither cold nor rain on the way, nor long and monotonous motorway rides to your destination can frighten you with the MOTOLOADER.

The motorcycle remains dry and clean.It is protected against damage and theft and at the destination. Your transport vehicle also serves as a motorcycle garage or workshop.

No matter whether you are planning an extensive holiday with your motorcycle, a spontaneous short trip, a fast race weekend or an elaborate two-wheel expedition – the MOTOLOADER makes it easier for you.

Whether an appointment in the workshop is pending for the motorcycle or the way to a motorcycle meeting or a custom fair lies before you – the MOTOLOADER is also the perfect help for this.

You want more information? Use our contactform e.g. to get a list of all features and the current prices of the MOTOLOADER motorcycle loading system.