MOTOLOADER – Motorcycle loading systems

Concept of MOTOLOADER Motorcycle loading systems

What can a MOTOLOADER do?

Loading a heavy motorcycle by hand alone? Anyone who has ever tried this knows how exhausting and above all risky such loading is. It is almost impossible without a second person.

The pushing up of the motorcycle with a lot of effort over a (mostly only provisional) ramp carries the risk of losing the momentum at half height, stumbling or getting out of balance when the motorcycle starts to tip over…

Also driving up with engine power over a (mostly narrow) ramp is a delicate balancing act with an unclear ending. Too little momentum and then no possibility to support yourself with your feet? Or would you rather drive up into the transporter with a lot of speed?
Take a look at possible results

For unloading you don’t need as much power as for loading, but a good feeling of balance when manoeuvring backwards and sufficiently long arms when descending and holding the bike at the same time are still helpful…

Comfortable, safe and fast, MOTOLOADER motorcycle loading systems are the answer: Loading without effort – no more exhausting and risky “balancing” of the motorbike! The loading process and of course the unloading are carried out conveniently at the push of a button. And all this on your own, without any helpers.

Fully equipped BMW GS loaded into a van with the MOTOLOADER motorcycle loading system