MOTOLOADER – Motorcycle loading systems

Facts Rail System

The MOTOLOADER rail system essentially consists of a loading and transport rail, a roller carriage and a remote-controlled electric cable winch for pulling a motorcycle into a transport vehicle.

Information about the scope of delivery and accessories of the rail system can be found here.


MOTOLOADER rail system

MOTOLOADER rail system

  • The MOTOLOADER is easily attached to individual mounts in your vehicle, is quickly removed or remains permanently in the vehicle.
  • The profiled rails of the MOTOLOADER are made of high-quality aluminium. They are light, very stable and durable. Various bores and openings help with carrying, lashing and storing.
  • The two consoles can be adjusted several ways and are individually adaptable to space conditions and vehicle geometry. Due to the inclination of the transport rail, the motorcycle rolls out automatically when the winch is actuated. For lower vehicles, the transport rail can also be installed without inclination.
  • The loading rail is simply inserted into the rear receptacles of the transport rail. The articulated connection compensates for the inclined position of the vehicle and uneven floors. After use, it is simply stowed under the transport rail.
  • The rubber-tyred roller slide carries the rope halyard, front wheel attachment as well as the drive-up wedge and stopper. When pushing on, the motorcycle immediately stands securely and is fixed with adjustable tension rods.
  • The front wheel mount is suitable for all common tyre widths and can be adjusted to different wheel diameters.
  • The powerful 12V electric winch is arranged under the upper loading rail with the help of a double deflection to save space. This reduces the overall length – the MOTOLOADER can even be accommodated in a panel van with an outside length of just 5 m (“L1 length”). The winch is powered by the vehicle battery or by a separate battery box (accessory). The battery box can also be used as a starting aid.
  • The thin and supple steel cable of the winch is securely attached to the roller slide in a special trap and can still be easily separated from it if necessary.
  • The maximum load capacity of the MOTOLOADER is 280 kg (140 kg per wheel). A HD version for even heavier motorcycles is in preparation.
  • The drive-on rail can also be used as a mobile assembly platform (accessory, in preparation) by means of a sub-frame.
  • All components are elaborately manufactured from high-quality materials and are not only perfect in their function, but also visually a “technical delicacy”.
  • Quality “Made in Germany”, laser cut, machined and individually assembled by hand.
Vehicle with two MOTOLOADER systems installed

Vehicle with two MOTOLOADER systems installed

Scope of delivery:
  • Transport rail with 2 multiple adjustable consoles
  • Drive-on rail with articulated plug-in mechanism
  • Powerful 12V electric cable winch with remote control
  • Limit switch and overload protection (depending on version)
  • Space-saving, compact cable deflection
  • Roller slide with front wheel mounting, drive-up wedge and stopper
  • Adjustable tension rods to secure the front wheel
  • Mounting points for your individual vehicle
  • Connecting cable for vehicle battery
  • Screws and fixing material
  • High-strength lashing straps with ratchet
  • Assembly and operating instructions
Available accessories:
  • Battery box 12 V incl. charger for operation independent of the vehicle electrical system
  • Sturdy underframe for using the drive-on rail as an assembly platform

Further accessories on request.