MOTOLOADER – Motorcycle loading systems


Loading your motorcycle easily

Loading a motorcycle with a MOTOLOADER loading system is very simple: The motorcycle is effortlessly pulled into the transport vehicle by an electric winch.

Depending on the type of loading system, this is done in different ways:

With the MOTOLOADER winch system, the motorcycle is connected directly to the winch cable. When pulling up a suitable, wide ramp, the motorcycle is guided by the handlebars or sits on them during the charging process.

With the MOTOLOADER rail system, on the other hand, the motorcycle is pushed onto a roller sled, fixed there and only then automatically retracted.

In both cases, the motorcycle is secured with tension belts after being pulled in. This makes it impossible for the motorcycle to slip while riding or during sudden braking. A set of robust straps is included in the delivery of each loading system.

With a loading aid from MOTOLOADER, you can load your motorcycle effortlessly within minutes. Safe, comfortable and alone. Many different vehicles are suitable for loading, transporting and unloading with a MOTOLOADER system.

Function of the MOTOLOADER winch system

With the winch system, the motorcycle is pulled directly into the vehicle via an existing, sufficiently wide ramp – the motorcycle loading aid is controlled by remote control. The ramp should be wide enough to stand beside the motorcycle, the angle of inclination should not exceed 18 degrees. Commercially available aluminium rails or, for example, the tailgate of a trailer are suitable as ramps.

A main component of the MOTOLOADER winch system is the cross beam. It is fastened in your vehicle (e.g. at existing lashing points) and carries the remote-controlled electric cable winch. The position of the winch can be changed. Thus, two motorcycles can be pulled in side by side with one winch if required.

Loading with the winch system:

To load the motorbike, it is first parked behind the ramp.

The motorcycle is then connected to the winch’s pulling rope – for this purpose, a special lashing rod can be used for hollow axles.

Now all you need to do is press a button on the remote control to start loading. The powerful cable winch pulls the motorcycle over the ramp into the vehicle.

You guide the motorbike by hand or – even more convenient – you can pull the motorbike into the vehicle while seated.

When the pulling process is complete, the motorcycle is lashed down.

Function of the MOTOLOADER rail system

With the rail system, the motorcycle is pulled onto the transport rail mounted in the vehicle via a removable loading rail. The motorcycle loading aid is controlled by remote control.

The main component of this MOTOLOADER loading aid is the roller carriage – the front wheel is fixed on it. Two adjustable consoles in the vehicle carry the profiled transport rail together with the remote-controlled electric cable winch.

Loading with the rail system:

To load the motorcycle, you first park it behind the transport vehicle. First, the loading rail of the system is pulled out and simply inserted into the rear mount of the transport rail as a ramp.

The roller sled with the motorcycle rocker is then placed on the ground behind the loading rail. A stopper secures the carriage so that it does not slip when the machine is pushed on.

The motorcycle is now simply pushed into the front wheel rocker of the roller carriage and is immediately stable in the front wheel mount of the carriage.

The two adjustable tension rods secure the rocker and the front wheel of the motorcycle.

Now a push of a button on the remote control is enough to start loading. The powerful cable winch automatically pulls the sled together with the motorcycle over the ramp into the vehicle.

When it reaches the end position, the roller carriage stops automatically. The arrangement of the powerful electric cable winch under the transport rail and the compact cable deflection reduce the overall length of the MOTOLOADER system and thus the space required in the vehicle.

Now the motorcycle only has to be secured with belts.

Within a few minutes the MOTOLOADER can load it safely and comfortably.