MOTOLOADER – Motorcycle loading systems


The main component of the MOTOLOADER is the transport rail. This rail is mounted on two adjustable consoles in the vehicle.

To load the motorcycle, the additional drive-on rail is simply inserted into the rear mounting of the transport rail.

A roller carriage stands on the ground behind the ramp rail and is secured against displacement by a stopper.

The motorcycle is simply pushed onto the rocker of the roller carriage and immediately remains stable in the front wheel mounting of the roller carriage.

Adjustable tension brackets secure the front wheel.

The strong electric cable winch is arranged compactly under the transport rail.

Now a push of a button on the remote control is all it takes – and the roller carriage and motorcycle are pulled over the rails into the vehicle.

Once in the end position, the roller carriage stops automatically.

Now the motorcycle only has to be secured with belts.

Within a few minutes the MOTOLOADER can load it safely and comfortably.